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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reggie, the Raptor, NMB Sea Turtle Patrol newest volunteer!!

Rob and Donita's grandson, Jonah is visiting from Charlotte, NC.  Jonah attends Mountain Island Charter School, home of the Raptors.  MICS encourages students to carry the school mascot along on vacations and special trips.  Jonah did just that and has been great at showing mascot, Reggie the Raptor around.  Of course, he had to show him our turtle nests!  When Reggie found out a fox and couple of owls had been spotted watching a nest he wanted to help out, so you might see him on guard at the 19th Ave S nest which is closest to Jonah's grandparents' home. 

Kaiser, Jonah's cousin was visiting earlier this month.  He also attends MICS in Charlotte and was a great NMBSTP volunteer while he was here.  No wonder Reggie wants to help out!

Jonah and Reggie have been night sitting with the Patrol at a couple of our nests as well.  And Kaiser was a great help with nest #10.  A big thank you to all three of you!

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