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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inventory-Nest #2

Nest #2 was located by Ginny and Teressa at 9th Ave N on Wednesday morning, June1. 

Because the nest was just above the high tide line on the wide Ocean Drive Beach, it was relocated back, closer to the dunes.  135 eggs were in the nest, 134 relocated, 1 egg taken for the DNA study.

New Egg Cavity.

About 20 hatchling tracks were found coming out from the nest on Sunday morning, July 31, Day 60.  It was felt the majority of the hatchlings emerged early Tuesday morning, July 26, during two windy thunder storms.  All tracks may have been erased by the wind and rain.  A depression was noted on Tuesday.

The nest was dug up on Wednesday evening around 7:30 and the contents inventoried.

Ginny, Teressa and Jonah had to dig deep to find all the eggs.

Inventory Results:

Nest laid on June 1
Emergence verified on July 31-Day 60
Nest Inventory-Wednesday, Aug. 3

135 eggs in original nest
1 egg taken for DNA Study
134 eggs relocated back to the dunes
126 empty shells
8 whole, unhatched eggs, died early development
No live or dead  hatchlings found in nest

94% hatchling success rate!!

Thank you Ginny, Teressa and Jonah!!  And another thanks to Ginny and Teressa who watched and worried over this nest.   

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