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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inventory, Nest #9

The sun was just coming up on June 28 when Connie, Peggy and Phyllis were alerted by NMB Sanitation that a crawl was up ahead.   17th Ave N in the Ocean Drive Section of NMB.  Just one day after a nest was found less than 2 blocks away at 15th Ave N

Sure enough, great body pit and eggs easily found.

52 days later, on August 19, as volunteers from the NMSTP started to gather, the sand fell and a good size depression formed.  Just after 9PM, the little guys started their march to the ocean.

Inventory was conducted on August 23 at 7PM.

Connie and Sharon along with Rob dug carefully into the egg cavity.

Once again, the eggs are expose, but this time in a much different condition than 56 days ago.

  This poor guy died before hatching.  Notice the yolk sac.

One live hatchling was still in the nest.  Savannah, one of the NMBSTP younger volunteers was asked to release the turtle on the beach for it's crawl to the ocean.

Goody-bye.   Good Luck!!

Fall is approaching, Sun is setting earlier and earlier.  Clouds are gathering.  Hurricane Irene is out in the ocean!!

Thank you Savannah and Jack for helping at this nest.  Jack handed out our brochure to the visitors, Savannah helped release the hatchling.  She is doing a report for school on her experiences this summer with the Patrol.  Thank you Segment B walkers for calling in this nest, Thank you Donna and her great crew for night sitting.  Thanks to all the other volunteers who helped watch over this nest!!


Nest was laid on June 28, 101 eggs
1 egg taken for DNA Study,
100 eggs relocated back to the dunes
Hatchlings emerged on August 19, just after 9PM, Day 52

Inventory on August 23
98 Hatched eggs
2 unhatched eggs of which 1 died in early development, 1 died in late development but before pipping

1 dead hatchling was found in the nest
1 live hatchling was found and released close to the ocean
98% Hatchling Success Rate!!!

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