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Friday, August 26, 2011

Inventory-Nest #10

Late in the evening of June 29, call came in,  "Help, there is a huge turtle on the beach, people will not leave her alone."  

Sure enough, despite being harassed, this turtle was nesting.  Early the next morning, Chandler and Rob found the eggs.  92 eggs were moved back to the dunes, 37th Ave S, Windy Hill section of NMB.

Thursday, August 17, Cracks begin to from around the egg cavity.  Day 49.

Sand fell around 11AM and a good size depression formed.

NMBSTP Volunteers begin watching this nest closely.  Fear was the hatchlings would come out during the hot part of the day.

But the hatchlings were smarter than us, they waited until after 11PM on Sunday night, to make their quick appearance before disappearing into the ocean.

Inventory was conducted on Thursday, August 25.  Sand had already started to fill in the hole and cover up any evidence of this nest.

Rob and Jay dug up the nest,

And sorted and counted the eggs!!

Huge thanks to all who helped with this nest.  Chandler, a visitor to NMB called to report the nesting female and then took charged and asked all who were bothering her to back off and leave her alone.  

49 days later, Jay, a resident of the building just behind the nest, helped the Sea Turtle Patrol watch this nest night and day.  He first reported the crack and depression and checked on it often during the four days before emergence.

Thanks to Sandy, Myra, Erin and all of the NMBSTP Volunteers who watched over the nest.  We all  put in long days and nights with this nest.


Nest was recorded on June 30
93 eggs less 1 taken for  DNA, 92 eggs relocated back to the dunes

Hatchlings emerged on August 21, Day 52

89 eggs hatched
3 eggs were unhatched, all 3 died in early development

96.7% Hatching Success Rate

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