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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Inventory Nest #8

On June 27, 2011, Anne and James came across this unique crawl.

Nest #8, 15th Ave N, Ocean Drive Section of NMB.

August 17, 51 days later, around 9PM, the hatchlings emerged.

Sam, the Turtle Man, was excited to see the hatchling tracks the next morning. 

On Sunday, Anne and James helped Rob dig up the nest and inventory the eggs.


One live turtle was discovered in the top layer of sand.

Storm clouds were gathering as the inventory was completed, 3 live hatchlings were released near the water line and watched as they entered the ocean.

Thank you Anne and James. Thank you Pam for your pictures.  And thanks to all the other volunteers involved with this nest. 

Inventory Results:

Nest was laid on June 27,  
Nest emerged on August 17, Day 51

119 eggs
1 egg taken for DNA Study
118 relocated back to the dunes

103 eggs hatched
15 eggs unhatched,  of which
13 eggs died during early development, 2 hatchlings died while hatching.

3 live hatchlings were found in the nest and released
2 dead turtles were found.

87% Hatchling Success Rate

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