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Monday, July 11, 2011

Nest #15!!!

Another crawl in Cherry Grove.  Monday morning walkers came across this crawl early.  

Nice crawl up the beach, she tested the sand several times before settling on a spot close to the dunes.

Out going crawl crossed over the incoming crawl before taking off down the beach.

Only problem, the eggs were located right in the middle of a the walkway from a rental house.  Decision was made to move the nest a short distance away from the walkway to the bottom of an undisturbed small dune.

113 eggs, less one for DNA

Thanks Paul, Sandy,  Nancy and Joe for reporting this nest and staying to help.   Michelle, visiting from Union Grove, NC saw this crawl very early this morning and came back to see what the volunteers found.

Thanks to all the Monday walkers who came to the site this morning and helped. 
 And thanks to Steve and Bobby who helped cage and put up the poles this afternoon.  A very hot job!!

Nest #15!!!

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