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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nest #14!!!!

Will from NMB Beach Services reported a potential crawl and nest that he came across while setting up his chairs.  Linda went down to investigate.

Good size crawl, width measured over 36 inches, but because high tide was after 3AM, all evidence of the crawl below the high tide line was gone.

The turtle messed up the sand pretty good as she laid her eggs and tried to hide them.  But she picked a good spot, just below the dunes, in the open area between two
 sand fences.  Linda probed and found the egg cavity.

Another NMB Beach Services employee, Bruce joined Will and both were kind enough to help her search for the eggs.  

The guys helped with the DNA egg as a storm threatened.

Will blocked off the site with some of NMB chairs to warn people to stay out until the poles and ropes could be brought in.

More help from Beach Services arrived and soon the nest was roped off and the DNR sign in place.

Unexpected on a late Sunday morning, but job well done!  Thank you NMB Beach Services!!  A special thanks to Will and Bruce for helping.  Linda was minus her usual crew so their assistance was greatly appreciated.  A great group!!

Nest #14!!

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