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Saturday, July 23, 2011

False Crawl #16-Briarcliffe

After a slow beginning, at least one sea turtle has discovered what a great nesting beach the Briarcliffe Beach is.  12 days after the second nest was laid on this beach, another crawl was found by Judy as she walked.  Same mother?  Very likely.  The turtle crawled up the beach to the dunes, crawling halfway up the dunes before turning and going back into the ocean.

A shallow body pit was evident, the vegetation was smashed down but not pulled up.  Rob and Linda probed the whole body pit, but could not find an egg chamber.  False crawl?  Lets hope she comes back tonight.

Pack 800 Cub Scouts spent the morning on the OD section of NMB.  One of their activities was learning about the Sea Turtle. Here, in front of one of the NMB nests,  we talked with them about what a sea turtle looks like, the difference between a sea turtle and land turtle, why we are protecting the nests and what the eggs look like under the sand (by showing a picture of a cut away model of a nest).  These kids were great, were very interested and had great questions and comments.  Thank you Dacy for asking us to talk with them.

A Big Thanks to Judy and her walking partner for reporting the crawl this morning.  

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