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Sunday, July 17, 2011

NEST #18!!!

Full Moon, Extremely high spring tides!

Low tide was around 3:30AM.  This turtle must have come ashore after low tide.  Nice long track right down to the water's edge.

Nice distinct body pit.

Long crawls up  and down the beach, stopping just below the dunes.

Eggs were easily found, buried under a high mound of sand.

Eggs only exposed enough to take one for DNA.  Quickly covered back up.  Nest left where it was laid.

NMB Sanitation Employee, Willie called this in  around 5:15AM as he started to rake the beach.  Linda was on the beach early and probed for the eggs.  Rob arrived with the cage and poles.  Joe came and helped hunt for the eggs.  A joint effort, this nest was quickly found, caged and roped off.

Thanks Willie and Joe for helping with this nest.

Nest #18!!

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