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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEST #5!!!!

 Volunteers Peggy, Terry and Allison were stopped this morning by NMB City employee, Buddy who was raking the beach, with the news that there was a "Turtle Crawl" ahead.  Sure enough, a crawl was visible starting at the high tide line and going way up the beach.

Word quickly went out,  the Wednesday Volunteers starting gathering, the body pit was probed.  Soon the eggs were soon found.

The turtle was seen nesting around midnight by a resident in one of the nearby beach houses.  He quietly observed her, said he was amazed at her size.  He will be watching this nest closely as well as looking for other nesting turtles.

The eggs had to be moved because although the mother turtle choose a nice high spot, it was directly in front of an emergency beach access.  The eggs were moved just a little south to a more secluded location at the base of the dunes.

The natural nest was very deep even though the sand was hard packed and full of shells.

Paulette and Ginny quickly dug a new hole.

Rob thanking Buddy for alerting us about a possible nest.  He and his co-workers are on the beach before 5AM!

Janet, Teressa along with Justin putting up the poles and ropes.

Holt, one of our youngest volunteers was out early to help.  He was put in charge of the egg taken for the DNA Study

Holt was also very helpful in putting up the poles and rope around the nest

NMB Visitors from Anderson County, Kentucky, Will and Emily were very interested in the turtle nest.  They made a very generous donation  to the Sea Turtle Patrol which will be used to keep the "Turtle Hot Line" going for the rest of the summer.  Thank you so much!!

Proud Parents of Nest #5,  Peggy, Allison and Terry.  Great Job!!

Thanks to all who came and helped with the nest this morning.  A very special thanks to Buddy!  The whole NMB Community has been so great in supporting our work for the Sea Turtles.
Thank you Kristye for your great pictures.

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