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Friday, June 10, 2011

Myrtle Beach Nest Relocated to North Myrtle Beach

Calls started coming in around 10PM, Thursday night.  There is a turtle nesting on the beach!  Apache Pier, Myrtle Beach.  Even though this was out of the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol assigned area, Rob and Donita drove to the North section of Myrtle Beach to investigate.  Walking up the beach at the high tide line, Donita was able to find the crawl.  Following the crawl up the beach, Rob and Donita found the body pit in front of the Maison-Sur-Mer Condo Complex.   

After finding the body pit, Rob roped off the area in the dark to alert any beach traffic until morning

By early morning, the crawl was quickly disappearing from the heat of the sun as well as the beach activity in the area.

First thing in the morning, Linda reported the nest to S.C.U.T.E as well as the Myrtle Beach Turtle Patrol who are permitted for this section of the beach.  Ann quickly said "If you want, Please work this nest, I have two other reported nests on Myrtle Beach." 

 Linda, Donita and Teressa were at the nest by 7:30 AM.

They were soon joined by Dennis and Betty who had called the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol to report the nest.  Dennis had watched the turtle come ashore and nest.

Donita found the egg cavity. Carefully digging in the sand,  Dennis and Betty found the eggs.

What is this?  A snowman on the beach?  No, two eggs found stuck together in the nest! 

Stephanie, vacationing from Atlanta had also called the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol to report the nesting sea turtle.  She came to the nesting area early in the morning and was happy to see the nest was being protected.   Stephanie, Dennis and Betty with the egg taken for the DNA sample.

The eggs were relocated to the Crescent Beach Section of North Myrtle Beach where they will be watched and protected by the NMB Sea Turtle Patrol.  Teressa and Ginny quickly dug a hole.

Jamie and CeCe helped cage and put up the rope and poles around the nest.

The new home for the nest.  The sixth nest on NMB.  Recorded as MYB 03.

A big, big  thank you to Dennis, Betty and Stephanie for taking that extra step to research, 
 find and then contact the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol.  
Thank you Rob and Donita for going out late in the evening to find and protect this nest.
Thank you Teressa and Ginny for helping relocate this nest. 

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