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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FALSE Crawl #4

The Tuesday Segment B walkers came upon a small, partial crawl early this morning around 8th Ave N.

The lower section of the Beach had already been raked so less than 10' of the incoming and outgoing track was visible just above the high tide line in the wet sand.  Below is the distinctive V made by the turtle's claw.

No body pit was evident.  Where to look for the eggs?

We probed and probed, all over the beach under the raked sand but no egg cavity was found. We spent over 2 hours looking for eggs.  Like looking for the "needle in a haystack!"  It was reported that a large group of people had gathered near this spot between 9 and 10PM.  Was the nesting turtle disturbed and chased away before she could nest?  False Crawl?  We'll be looking for this turtle to return tonight.

A big thanks to all who helped look for the nest.  An impossible job, but our volunteers tried.

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