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Saturday, June 25, 2011

False Crawl #7

Turtle activity started early today.  John and Betty were on the beach just before sunrise and quickly came across a nesting turtle as she was leaving the beach.

She appeared tired,  Covered with sand, she rested for a few minutes on the wet sand before entering the water.  This allowed John to take a quick picture before she disappeared into the waves.

No wonder she was tired.  She took a long walk.  Up the beach to the dunes, stopping several times along the way to test the sand.

She didn't find what she was looking for, so kept moving, stopping one last time before the dunes.

Then up into the dunes, turning and crawling parallel to the ocean before starting her walk back to the water, crossing over her incoming crawl.

Her incoming and outgoing crawls where on either side of a huge hole left on the beach.  

Despite all of her activity, her body pits were very shallow. We probed and probed a couple of areas where the egg cavity may have been, but couldn't find anything.  Either she was very good at hiding those eggs or she didn't find that perfect spot.  Maybe she'll be back!

False crawl #7.

This crawl was very close to a false crawl reported on July 2, 2010.  It was also reported to us that a swimmer had come face to face with a turtle in shoulder deep water at this location 2 days before this activity.

Thank you John and Betty.  What a great experience!

Thank you to the other segment A walkers who made sure there wasn't any other turtle activity in Segment A and then came back to help.

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