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Thursday, June 23, 2011

False Crawl #6

A Crawl was reported by Lori early this morning.  The turtle came all the way up the beach to the dunes.  There was no evidence of tracks below the high tide line so she came ashore and left before or during the high tide.  High tide was around 1:30 AM.

The body pit was probed and probed, but no egg cavity was found.  False crawl #6.

It looks like she may have run into this trash can on her way back to the ocean, but the can was actually moved closer to her tracks after she left the beach.

A large hole was found between the two crawls, with a channel down to the water.  Dangerous for the turtle as well as for anyone walking on the beach after dark.

Thank you Lori for reporting this crawl.  Will the turtle be back tonight?

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