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Sunday, June 26, 2011

False Crawl #8

A crawl was found this morning around 19th Ave S.  In the same location as a previous marked nest, although further down the beach, closer to the water.  Rachelle called it in but Holt, Kate and Ed were with her when they came across it.    A NMB Sanitation Worker passed by and told them about it as well.  It was a team effort!

Beautiful crawl.  The turtle came up from the water, but for some reason made a quick turn in the loose sand just above the high tide line and went right back.  Did something scare her?  Did she not like the beach?

Look closely, another nest is at  the back of the beach, just in front of the dunes.

Hope she'll be back.

Thank you Rachelle, Holt, Kate and Ed.  And a big thanks to the NMB Sanitation Department, our eyes on the beach!

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