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Saturday, June 4, 2011

NEST #4!!!

 On Friday evening, around 8PM, NMB Sea Turtle Volunteer, Mary and her husband, Jim were walking on the Windy Hill Beach, close to the swash.  Much to their delight, they saw a Sea Turtle emerging from the water.  But, unfortunately, so did many of the other walkers on the beach.  The turtle was quickly surrounded, lights were shown in her face, flash pictures were taken.  The turtle did not get very far on the beach before she decided this was not for her, turned around and went back into the water.

Early Saturday morning, Rick and Bex patrolled the Briarcliffe Acres Beach, across the swash from Windy Hill.  Sure enough, at the north eastern most end of the beach, right next to the swash, they came across a turtle crawl and well defined body pit.  Same Turtle?  Chances are very good considering the location.

Brad and Brooks, after walking their segment on Windy Hill, stopped at the swash and thought they saw something on the other side.  They were able to wade across and sure enough, there was the crawl.  

Rick, Brad and Brooks looking for those eggs after the egg cavity was found.


The nest was moved from it's close proximity to the swash to a new location further SW on the beach,  above the high tide line, close to the dunes.

109 eggs, less the one egg taken for the DNA Sample

Rick and Brooks preparing the egg for the DNA Sample.

 Transferring the eggs to their new home.

Finally, all safely in the nice hole dug by John.

Nest is marked and protected.  Nest #4 for NMB, first nest of the season on the Briarcliffe Beach

Two nests today!!  Thank you Mary for trying to protect the sea turtle when she first came ashore.  Thank you Rick and Bex for patrolling Briarcliffe and coming to NMB to help with Nest #3, then returning to Briarcliffe to help with this nest.  Thank you John and Betty!  Not only did you help with Nest #3, but also helped with Nest #4.  Long, hot morning for you. And a Big thank you to Brooks and Brad for going above and beyond by crossing over to Briarcliffe and staying with the crawl until the Patrol could get there.  

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