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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inventory NEST 8

Inventory Nest 8

50 Empty Shells
18 Eggs died early development
1 egg died late development
3 unhatched eggs appeared to be still viable and reburied in nest
1 small, pea size, spacer egg, not counted

Total 72 eggs in nest
69.4% Hatchling success rate

This nest was found by Brenda and Rodney on July 12. Rodney and daughter, Rachel helped with the inventory. A big Thanks to all 3 of this great turtle family!

The nest caught us all by surprise and emerged just before midnight on August 30, day 49.
Thanks to the few volunteers who were at the nest and saw the first depression! The call went quickly out and more volunteers arrived to help. Lights from the High Rise Condo Complexs on both sides of the nest were a big problem and the 50 hatchlings ended up all over the beach. A joint effort between our volunteers and spectators was required to get all of these hatchlings safely to the ocean!


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