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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inventory NEST 7

Nest 7 Inventory:

103 Empty Shells
3 Eggs died early development
1 Egg died late development

3 Live Hatchlings were found in nest--Released on beach
Nest total--107 eggs
96.26% Hatchling Success Rate

This nest was relocated from the high tide line, 109 eggs were relocated, 2 eggs were missing when inventoried.

Jenna, SCDNR was at the nest to observe and helped with inventory and the release of 3 live hatchlings.

This nest was found by Gail on July 11. The "two Annes," Anne B. and Anne G. were the only ones on the beach when the hatchlings emerged around 11:45 on August 30th, Day 50. They did a great job making sure the hatchlings made it to the water that night. Thank you so much for stepping up and helping.

Thanks to all who were involved with the nest from Gail who found it during her early morning walk, to those who helped relocate it, to those who sat at night and especially to the "Two Annes" who watched it emerge. A special thanks to Jenna who drove up from Charleston to help with the inventory and who gave us a lot of useful information about this nest and turtles in general.


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