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Sunday, June 27, 2010

NEST #5!!!!

While walking segment B early this morning, Gail came across a crawl at 13th Ave. N.

It was a short crawl ending just above the high tide line, in the middle of the beach. People had already walked through the body pit and the crawl.

It was thought that probing would be difficult but Valerie was able to find the egg cavity. Once the eggs were found, the decision was made to relocate the nest from the center of the beach to a new site closer to the dunes.

The eggs were carefully removed from the nest and placed in a bucket to be transported to the new nesting site.

Rob and Steve dug a new hole in front of the dunes. The eggs were carefully taken from the bucket, one by one and placed into the hole.

97 eggs less the one taken for DNA Research!!

The relocation of the nest was a joint effort with the Sunday Walkers from Waties Island. Thank you Steve, Nancy, Will and Jenny Mann as well as guest walkers Gus and Ginny for helping us after walking on Waties.

Thank you Valerie, Nancy and Jim for your photos.

A big thank you to Gail for finding the crawl. Linda

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  1. 12:09 AM August 21st 2010! Great adventure for us and thanks to all the volunteers!


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