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Monday, June 28, 2010

Two false crawls this morning!

Lots of activity today in Segment B. A crawl was reported at 17th Ave. North. This was a very short crawl, coming out of the ocean and going right back in. The width of the crawl was 29 inches.

A second crawl was found around 24th Ave. North. Anne came upon it while on her Monday morning patrol. This crawl came up the beach all the way to the dunes.

The turtle spent some time on the beach and had started to dig a nest. But either she was interrupted or for some other reason, she decided she didn't like the location so the nest cavity was abandoned. Rob and I probed the area but didn't find a second cavity or any eggs. The width of this crawl was again 29 inches so we are confident that it was the same turtle coming ashore twice last night. The width is also the same as the width of the false crawl at 9th Ave. South on Saturday. Lets hope she comes back tonight and is finally able to nest!
The crawls have been recorded as False Crawls 6 and 7.

Thank you Anne for your help this morning. The NMB Sanitation was also helpful in reporting and protecting the two crawls until we could get to the scene. Linda

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