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Saturday, June 26, 2010

FALSE CRAWLS #4 and #5

Beautiful moon over the ocean last night and early this morning.

Jennifer and Frank came across a crawl around 9th Ave. S. This turtle came up the beach just a short distance before turning around and going back into the ocean. Track width measured around 29 inches. Labeled False Crawl #4

Gary Genser came across a crawl around 45th. Ave S. This turtle crawled quite a ways parallel to the water line, did a "loop-the-loop" and then continued up the beach, stopped to dig a little and then continued up to the dunes.

She turned at the sand fence and crawled a long ways back into the water.

The width of this turtle's crawl was around 33 inches.

A large beach hole was found between her incoming and outgoing crawls.

Although her body pit was very shallow, we probed a long time before declaring it False Crawl #5

Interesting, it was reported that the turtle was seen on the beach at 5:00 AM.

Thank you Jennifer, Frank, Ginny, Gary and Carole for your help. One or both of these turtles may be back tonight! Linda

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  1. This was very exciting to see activity in our segment! I look forward to seeing what's to come!


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