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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Inventory NMB Nest #6 49th Ave North, Cherry Grove

NMB Nest #6 was laid in the middle of the public beach access at 49th Ave N.  114 eggs were relocated just a few yards south, just above the dune line.

Friday, Sept. 2nd, 50 days later, Tropical Storm Hermine, once a hurricane when made landfall in Flordia, comes through the NMB area.  Strong winds and heavy rain throughout the day.  High tides from the new moon, cause water to come further up the beach.

 Nest check around 6PM, sand is puffed up around reed, 
hatchling or blowing wind?

Just before 11PM, rain is now just a slight drizzle,
wind has comes in, there are hatchlings on the beach!

Nest morning, large exit hole is the only evidence
rain has made the sand very hard so no tracks


That evening, sky is clearing, beautiful sunset to the west

Tuesday evening, nest is inventoried

Inventory results:

115 eggs laid on Jaly 14th, 1 egg used for DNA
114 relocated just to the south of the beach access

Nest emerged right after the worst part of the storm, day 50

107 hatched eggs, 7 unhatched, discolored and collapsed
No live or dead hatchlings

93.9% hatching success rate!!!

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  1. That's awesome keep up the good work such a docile animal


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