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Friday, September 2, 2016

Inventory NMB Nest #5

Inventory of NMB Nest #5, 10th Ave N

This nest was laid at the end of Main Street, NMB on July 6th

Relocated 123 eggs to a quieter location
Hatchlings emerged on August 25th

Inventory Results
118 hatched eggs, 5 unhatched of which 3 were collapsed and discolored, 2 died during pipping, hatchling half out of shell
No live hatchlings, 2 dead hatchlings
95.9% hatch success rate
Amazing how much sand builds up over the egg cavity during the summer.....Hard to find egg shells. We know the egg chamber was not this deep when the nest was new...........

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  1. Wow it's looking amazing place to fun with your family


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