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Monday, August 22, 2016

Inventory of NMB Nest #4

NMB Nest #4 was found one day after and just a few yards from NMB #3.  This time on the south side of the public beach access at 17th Ave N.  Located high up on a low dune, beautiful body pit, eggs were easily found.  Nest was left in situ or natural

49 days later, hatchling emerged just after 11PM.  One or two stranglers continued to emerge out of the nest over the next 3 nights.  On day 4, nest was inventoried.

Mary and Ingrid dig up egg chamber, eggs are found very deep

Inventory results:

135 eggs were laid
1 egg taken for DNA, 134 eggs left undisturbed in the egg chamber

Eggs incubated for 49 days

86 hatched eggs, 48 whole or unhatched, all appeared to die early development or unfertilized

no live or dead hatchlings

64.7% hatching success rate

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