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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Briarcliffe Nest #3

Early Sunday morning, Larry found a very faint set of marks going up toward the dunes.  Turtle tracks?? ....

 Following the tracks up, he saw drag marks up onto a steep, sheared off dune. 

 Following trail up onto the dune, he came across what looked to be a body pit.......

Quick probe.......we have eggs

Briarcliffe Nest #3

This nest was found at almost the same location as Nest #2.  Nest #2 was laid down on the sand, below the spring high tide line so moved to the dunes.  Nest #3 was laid in a great spot, higher up on the dunes so left natural or in situ.

Question is, HOW did this large turtle climb up the face of these steep dunes?

Thank you Larry and Cindy

Briarcliffe Nest #3

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