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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Apache #2

A BIG SHOUT out to the Apache Pier...
Second time in less than 4 days, a very tiny critically endangered Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle is hooked. Anglers grab a large drop net and gently raise the turtle up onto the pier. Fishing line is cut, close to the eye of the hook, although generally it is best to leave 12 inches to 3 feet of fishing line attached to the hook. Turtle is quickly taken to Apache Pier Manager Carsten Fischer who called the NMB STP and kept the little guy in his office, out of the sun and heat. 

Upon arrival, we tried to get the turtle's mouth open to see where the hook was, but the turtle wanted nothing to do with this so was transported to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital. Very active during the 2.5 hour trip, constantly trying to crawl out it's enclosed container.

X-rays taken immediately on arrival to the hospital. hook is located in the throat. 

Turtle is sedated, but before completely asleep, Dr. Boylan is able to remove the hook. A real cutey, the turtle will be given antibiotics and vitamins, rest and relaxation for a month or so until ready to be released.

A HUGE THANKS to Apache Pier Manager Carsten Fischer for becoming so involved in the rescue and welfare of these turtles. The two Kemps rescued this week are the first the SC Sea Turtle Hospital has ever admitted from this Pier.
A big thanks to the Anglers on Pier for helping in the rescues of these turtles.
And a big thanks to NMB STP Volunteers Matt and Ingrid who spend a lot of time on the Pier and have been promoting sea turtle safety.

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