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Monday, May 16, 2016

May Outreach

Calls continue to come in.  On May 3rd, Mary and Corinna drive to COnway, SC to talk with a 4-H group.  Small but mighty, these kids were very interested in the Sea Turtles.

Great job, THANK YOU Mary and Corrina!!!

Another weekend, another exhibit day.  This time for the Totally Turtle Day and the MB State Park.   Ranger Ann and staff did a great job, turtle games, turtle obstacle course, turtle sand sculpture contest, story time, turtle art made from trash, grilled hot dogs and the chance to see leatherback sea turtles and loggerheads off the pier.

The Sea Turtle Patrol under Corrina and Mary's leadership exhibited all types of information about the sea turtles, from a skull replica, to replica turtle eggs, types of food turtles eat, pictures of the NMB STP at work, to why it is so important to pick up trash, keep our beaches sand oceans clean  and why we recycle.   A quick estimate, we had over 150 people stop by and talk with our volunteers. 



Students from Myrtle Beach High made turtles from all sorts of trash....who would have thought!

Beautiful pictures painted by a Myrtle Beach High Student.
We all wanted to buy them!!

Sights and sounds from the Pier.....Leatherbacks did not show until after we left.....Of Course!!!

Stingray caught off the pier.  Fisherman was kind enough to show us it's barb and the the ray was released back into the ocean.


A Big Thank you to all of the NMB STP Volunters who helped

 A huge thanks to Ann and her staff for creating this wonderful event.

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