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Monday, August 10, 2015

Inventory NMB Nest #3

NMB Nest #3 was laid on June 6 on the extreme northern end of NMB near Hogs Inlet.  A good location high above the Spring High Tide Line, nestle in a newly formed dune system. Left in situ or natural, one egg taken for DNA, rest of eggs quickly recovered.

Blue Moon On Friday, July 31st causing extremely high tides, water coming right up to the base of the dunes..  A large depression in the egg cavity was seen on Saturday Morning, August 1st, but because of the high tide and early morning beach raking, only a few faint hatchlingh tracks were seen.   A windy afternoon on the beach, completely filled in the depression and by mid-afternoon and evidence of the emergence was completely gone.completely

Inventory on May 4th, a large mound of sand completely covered the egg chamber.   Chamber was extremely deep,  56 hatched eggs shells were finally found, 0 whole eggs, 0 hatchings either dead or alive.  100% hatching success rate.  

Crowd gathers

Egg shells taken from hole

Deep hole


NMB Nest #3

Nest laid on June 6, hatchings emerged on July 31st   55 days

57 eggs less 1 egg taken for DNA, 56 hatched eggs

0 whole or unhatched eggs, 0 live hatchlings, 0 dead

100% hatching success rate

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