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Friday, August 14, 2015

Inventory Braircliffe Nest #3

Briarcliffe Nest #3 was laid on June 15th, 136 eggs, 135 eggs were moved above the Spring High Tide Line in a low dune system.  1 egg was taken for DNA.  DNA results show that the mother of the nest laid 4 nests on this same beach in 2012.  In 2015, her first nest was on the northern end of MB, this was her second nest of the season, back on her favorite beach......

Hatchlings emerged on Wednesday night, August 5, Day 51 of incubation.

Nest was inventoried 4 days later on Sunday, August 9th.

Larry starts to dig up egg chamber

Cheri joins in to help

After many eggs are removed, a live hatchling is found

Very active, anxious to go......

23 whole eggs, 108 hatched eggs

4 pipped or hatchling died during hatching, half in, half out of egg

A second live hatchling is found close to the bottom of the egg chamber, this one is not as active as the first.

HAtchlings released on the beach to crawl to the water

A large plastic pipe is found close to the nest, removed from the beach by volunteers

Briarcliffe Nest #3

Laid on June 15th, hatchlings emerged on August 5th, 51 days

136 eggs, 135 relocated above the Spring High Tide Line

1 egg taken for DNA

108 eggs hatched, 23 whole or unhatched eggs, of which 22 died in early development, 1 egg died in late development.  4 pipped eggs

80% hatching success rate

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