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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Inventory, NMB Nest #1

NMB Nest #1 was laid on May 30 at 11th Ave North.   Hatchlings emerged sometime after 9PM on Monday, July 20, 51 days incubation.   A few hatchlings emerged the next night.  

Crowd gathers

Digging up the egg chamber

counting the eggs.....hatched vs unhatched

Four eggs were pipped.....hatchling started to come out of the shee
but died before completely coming out

Showing a hole egg to those that are curious

Two lieve hatchlings were found at the bottom of the egg chamber

Opening unhatched eggs to see what phase of development reach before dying

Two hatatchling are released on the beach to crawl to the ocean

People watch as the turtles run to the water

Look closely, hatchling is swimming away, the beginning of it's long journey

NMB Nest #1

Nest was laid on May 30th, 11th Ave N

Hatchlings emerged on July 20th, 51 days into incubation

!76 eggs laid,  175 moved back above HTL

1 egg taken for DNA Study

135 eggs hatched,  40 whole eggs of which

17 appeared not be be fertilized,  13 died in early development, 6 died late development

4 eggs died during hatching or pipped

2 live hatchings found at bottom of egg chamber, 1 dead hatchling found

77.14% hatching success rate

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