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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Briarcliffe Nest #9

Briarcliffe Nest #9.  Busy turtle this morning, false crawled twice before nesting. 

She first crawled up not too far from nest #2,

started to dig a hole but stopped. 

There were some deer tracks near her and these may have startled her.
  She abandoned this site and
crawled back to the ocean

She then went a little further south and crawled up and made a u turn and went back to the water. 

She went just a little further south and nested below the high tide line.  

This turtle was on the beach early in the morning....Low Tide was around 5;45AM
Picture taken around 7:30AM shows Outgoing track goes almost to the water line. 

The egg chamber was found and moved it about 50 feet south up in the dunes above the tide line.  All three of the crawls were 32 inches in width.

This is now the southern most nest between Briarcliffe and the Meher Baba Spiritual Center. 
 There are 8 nests within a half mile stretch of the beach.

Briarcliffe Nest #9

 112 eggs in the nest.  One was used for DNA and 111 were relocated. 

THANK YOU Larry and Cindy

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