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Friday, January 24, 2014

Update on Briar

On May 20th, the call came in that a dead turtle was stranded on the beach in front of the MB Travel Park just South of the Briarcliffe Beach.  Moments later another call, Wait, I think she is still alive.  Rush to the Beach,  This poor turtle was in terrible shape, but jerked and opened her eyes when a dog barked!  Enlisting the help of a dozen or more concerned people standing around her, the turtle was quickly transferred to a tarp and carried off the beach.  She was a good size, even in her poor condition, weighing about 125 pounds.
Initial look at Briar, May 20, 2013

She is very still, but her eyes follow every moment we make around her.  Quickly loaded into a car,  her journey to the Sea Turtle Hospital began.....

Transferred to A DNR vehicle in Georgetown for the second leg of her journey.... 
Briar's one flipper appears to be damaged from an old injury, it can't be completely straightened and has a big bump at the joint.
Initial prognosis for this beautiful animal was very poor, she was not expected to live.  But with the excellent care given by Kelly and staff at the AC Sea Turtle Hospital, Briar rallied....

Almost eight months later,  SC Sea Turtle Hospital posts an update on Briar..
No longer the thin, barnacle covered turtle....

On January 18th, Meredith, a NMB STP Volunteer takes her family to the SC Sea Turtle Hospital.  Briar is the focus of attentions....she loves visitors and comes up to greet them
On January 21, 2014, 8 months after she was rescued, another visit with Briar....Hard to believe this is the same turtle....she has gained over 52 pounds....
Thank you Meredith for your picture.

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