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Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Crawl and possible nest is found early by Donna.  Elmer and Marilyn quickly arrive to help.  Nice large body pit with a deep pile of sand, long, crossover crawl

Turtle had to crawl around someone's abandoned sand castle, glad it wasn't a deep hole

We've seen this crawl before, drag mark or line close to one flipper mark

 Linda probed, a little more difficult to find the egg cavity with the huge pile of sand and deep hole

Egg cavity finally uncovered

Nest is in the middle of a busy beach, so eggs are moved further back to the dunes, out of the way of all who use this beach

Donna and Marilyn gently move each egg, one by one

Original hole is finally was deep

Placing the eggs in their new home, again, carefully, one by one

Arlene and Donna make sure all is perfect

Eggs in the new hole, ready to be covered and left to develop

The Gang...Nest is finally moved and protected.  Job well done!!

 Thank you Donna, Elmer and Marilyn.  Finally some action on this section of the beach.

Thank you Paulette, Arlene and Jill for coming to help after walking your segment

And a big thanks all of the curious early morning walkers who stopped to see what we were doing and were very interested in the Sea Turtles.

NMB Nest #8

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