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Sunday, May 12, 2013

MayFest On Main Street

Saturday, May 11th...MayFest on Main Street.  Great way to start the Summer Season in North Myrtle Beach and a GREAT way to start the 2013 Sea Turtle Nesting Season.  North Myrtle Beach Sea turtle Patrol Volunteers had a booth with pictures of sea turtles, information about sea turtles, what to do, who to call and how everyone can help.  Crafts made by the NMB STP Volunteers were also on display.

Caretta came to see what the fuss was about

Betty and Donna

"Janice,  Whats in the pail?"

"Trash pick up this morning during our 2 mile walk along the Ocean Drive Beach"

"WOW, but is that a Jelly Fish?"

"No, Oh No,  it's a balloon!  Don't eat it!"

Everything looking good

John showing some pictures from previous years

Great time.  Lots of fun!!

A HUGE thanks to Betty for organizing the booth.  Lots of work, she did a great job!

A big thanks to Donna for bringing Caretta.  The response from children when she does the turtle dance is precious!

And a HUGE THANKS to all the volunteers who gave up part of their Saturday to help get the word out about the Sea Turtles!

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