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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Leatherback Stranding

Around 1PM Thursday afternoon, a call from SC DNR about a to a bturtle in trouble in the water off 21st Ave N.  Rob and Linda responded to the call.  A turtle was wrapped up inuoy put out by Bob's Watersport Company located around 22nd Ave N.  Vacationers from Wilmington were watching several dolphins near the buoy from their 8th floor balcony and then saw something that appeared to be playing with the buoy.   They soon realized it was a turtle...a really big turtle...caught in the rope holding the buoy.  Several of the employees of the Watersport Company responded, quickly took a jet ski out to see what was going on, sure enough the turtle's head and flipper were wrapped in the rope.  The jet ski driver helped get the turtle free, once clear of the rope, just dove into the water and took off swimming.  It was a leatherback, bigger than the jet ski.  Didn't appear to be seriously injured.  

A huge thanks to Bob's Water Sports  and a huge thanks to vacationers Jeff and Linda for calling for help and for giving us the pictures you took from the balcony.

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