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Monday, December 10, 2012

North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade

On Saturday, December 8th,  Caretta and the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol Volunteers walked in the North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade.

Caretta was designed and created by NMB STP Volunteer, Betty.  Marilyn painted the SCUTES on the costume.  What a  GREAT  JOB!!!

Early Saturday, Sherry, Steve, Bobby, Donna, Corrina and Sam, The Turtle Man,  met to put the turtle float together.

Corrina donated her golf cart.

Sam's job was to get the banners ready.  "Do you expect me to carry these all by myself?"

NMB STP Volunteers gather for the parade.

Is that Santa coming to check on us?

Caretta, Betty, John and their family.  Thank You Betty!!!

Time to get started!!

Mother Turtle with hatchlings following!!

Caretta doing the "Turtle Dance!"

What a contradiction!!   This was on Ocean Blvd,  we need to turn out those lights!!

NMB STP Volunteer Bob....picture by Mary Ann...Love it!!

Thank you Sherry and Donna for organizing this fun event!!

Thank you Steve and Bobbie for helping put the float together and then driving in the parade!!

Thank you Corrina for donating the golf cart!!

Thank you Lou and Donna for hosting the party afterwards.  Great Food and a great time was had by all!!

Thank you to all the NMB STP Volunteers who made this such a fun time!!

The 2013 Sea Turtle Nesting Season is just around the corner!!

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  1. This is awesome. My husband and I have been to Myrtle Beach a few times. We have seen so many sea turtle nests. It really is neat to see. We finally decided to look in Myrtle beach for beach houses so we can see even more of the nests and the turtles. Thanks for being such a great cause!


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