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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 NMB Sea Turtle Nesting Summary

First nest laid on June 8th---Briarcliffe Beach
Last nest laid on August 4th North Myrtle Beach

One nest relocated from Myrtle Beach on June 4th

Total of 9 nests found plus 1 relocated for 10 nests protected on NMB/Briarcliffe

Total number of eggs:                               1,155
Total number of hatched eggs:                 1,025
Unhatched eggs:                                          126

Hatching success rate:                                  89%

Average # of days of incubation:                 55

Average clutch size:                                     116 eggs 

1st nest incubated for 64 days before hatchlings emerged.

Last nest incubated for 56 days before hatchlings emerged.

                                                       2012 DNA Results:

4 Loggerhead Turtles visited NMB/Briarcliffe Beaches in 2012.

1 Turtle Started the season by laying a nest in Garden City and then laid her second nest on Briarcliffe.

1 Turtle was very consistant and laid 4 nests on Briarcliffe, 3 nests were laid 14 days apart each and the 4th nest was laid 10 days after her 3rd nest.

1 Turtle was a traveler, visiting beaches in all 3 states participating in the DNA Study.  She started out in Wassaw, Georgia, stopped in North Myrtle Beach and then laid her 3rd nest on Topsail Island.

The fourth turtle started out on Cape Hatteras, NC, went to Myrtle Beach and then came back North Myrtle Beach, went to Briarcliffe and then laid her last nest on North Myrtle Beach.  This nesting female was seen at sunrise, resting on Briarcliffe and then was watched 12 days later by NMB STP Volunteers as she laid her last nest on NMB.


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