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Thursday, July 12, 2012

NMB Nest #6!!!

Carol and Gary were about half way into their walk when they came across the crawl.  Julie and Alexis, coming from the other direction soon came upon the scene.  Is it possible?  Two nests on the same morning?

Turtle crawled through one of those pesky holes left on the beach by inconsiderate beach goers.  Fortunately, it didn't stop her.

Rob probes, hit soft sand.  Egg Cavity?

Excitement builds!

Rob and Gary carefully dig.


A crowd gathers.....


Julie and Alexis with the one egg taken for DNA Study.  Alexis is visiting from Aiken, SC.  This is her second nest.

Visitors from West Virginia, Elora, Grady and Jamilyn are excited to see the eggs and hear about the sea turtles.

Because the nest is located in the middle of the beach, the eggs are moved back to the Dunes.
130 EGGS!!

Eggs Moved, Nest is protected.  

Julie and Alexis

Thank you Gary and Carol.  A couple of years finding false crawls, finally a nest!

Thank you Julie and Alexis.  Alexis is a good luck charm for us, she always comes across a nest when walking.

Thank you to all of the Thursday volunteers who came to the nesting site after finishing their morning walk to help relocate the nest.

A big thanks to Julie for her pictures!!

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