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Monday, July 23, 2012


Cindy and Larry came across a Sea Turtle, just barely visible in a tide pool around 6AM.  Was she coming or going?  Hard to tell.  They followed proper protocol and stayed a good distance away from her, quietly observing.

After resting several minutes in the tide pool, the turtle raised her head. looked around and then crawled into the ocean.

Tracks leading into the tide pool.

Walking south down the beach, it soon became apparent why the turtle was resting.  She had crawled over 1700 yards.

Incoming crawl up to the middle of a dune, above the spring high tide line

Incoming and outgoing crawl as seen from body pit.

Neat compact body pit....did she lay eggs?

Crowd gathers as the word spreads.

Rob probes.

Finally, soft sand.  Larry is anxious to dig.

YES,  Finally eggs are uncovered.

Family visiting from Ohio is very interested.  Hoping to see those eggs.

1 egg is taken for DNA study, nest is quickly covered back up.

Adam is curious and holds the DNA egg.

Pat is happy as well, another nest on Briarcliffe!!

Pat and Anita hold the egg while hearing about Sea Turtles.

Andrew with the egg.  Curious about how it feels.

Shelley finally gets to see a nest and hold an egg.  Her daughters were on hand when other nests were located earlier in the season.  Now it's her turn!!

Rob processes the DNA egg while explaining about the study.

Nest is marked and protected.


6th nest on the Briarcliffe Beach.

Thank you Cindy and Larry. You never know what you'll come across when walking early on the beach.  Great pictures!!

Thank you Pat, Judy E and Judy C for coming and helping with this nest.

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