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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little River goes home!!

Rachelle, Holt, and I got up bright and early this morning and headed for Isle of Palms.  Thank goodness we left with plenty of time cause there was a huge turn out to say good bye.  First two released were Eclipse (the hybrid) and Mason (one of the cold stunned Kemps).  Eclipse kept turning back and heading to shore. 

"Notice the pictures of the little guy keep trying to go back to the 
hospital!"... Rachelle   

 After finally convincing him/her to head east, they brought Little River down.  

"Anne and I drove down early Sunday morning also for Little River's big day..
We got a couple of great photos of Little River and thought you may like to enjoy!"


They put him/her down a few times and let him/her scoot (or should that be SCUTE) down towards the shore before picking him/her one last time and going to the water's edge. 

Little River hesitated for just a minute before heading home.  

Next where 4 more of the cold stuns.  Eastham & Andrew came first followed by Sampson and Innis. 
 7 in all!! 

What an incredible experience to see these creatures going home and a great way to kick off turtle season!!   

Posted by NMB Sea Turtle Patrol Volunteer Kate.

Pictures from Kate, Rachelle, Gina, Anne and the SC Sea Turtle Hospital

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