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Monday, August 15, 2011

Stranded Hatchling!!

The call came in from NMB Dispatch around 5:30 PM.  Some visitors had found a sea turtle on the beach and they took it with them when they left the beach for the day.  Once back at their  beach house, they called the NMB Police to report it.
Linda went to check out the report and found a hatchling.  This little guy was not doing very good, very lethargic, only moving when touched.

Linda took it back to the beach wheres several NMBSTP were watching a nest.  The hatchling was place on fresh, wet sand in a bucket and keep shaded from the sun.  After about an hour, the little guy seemed strong enough to try to get out of the bucket.   

Around 7PM, with a storm approaching, Betty released the hatchling close to the water line.  It was watched until it swam away.  Let's hope it is now on it's long journey into the sea.

Please, if a hatchling is found on the beach, leave it alone.  

If a hatchling is on the beach during the day, they can dehydrate quickly from the heat of the sun and die. If one is found, place it just at the edge of the surf to allow it to rehydrate.  Do not put into the water. When it is ready, it will make it's own way into the surf.

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