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Monday, August 15, 2011

Inventory of Nest 21---"Wild Nest"

Wild Nest, #21 at 13th Ave S emerged on Thursday, August 11 around 1AM.  Witnesses claimed there were turtles all over the beach.  No wonder...when the nest was dug up on Sunday, Aug 14,  it contained 149 eggs!!

The mother did a great job of hiding this nest.  Even though her tracks were found, the egg cavity could never be located so it was originally recorded as a false crawl.  

Four unhatched eggs were in the nest, all were opened, all died in early development.

A small group of interested spectators gathered, even though a storm was about to hit.  These little girls were allowed to hold an  undeveloped egg, with gloves on, of course!

Everyone wanted to feel an egg.

One little hatchling died in late development, the egg was pipped, but it never emerged.  Here Rob shows how the body is wrapped in a circle around the yolk sac.

The unhatched turtle was taken for the DNA study.  Only problem,  How do you fit a 2 inch circle in a 1 inch hole??

Inventory Results

Nest was laid on June 23

Hatchlings emerged on August 11   Day 49

149 eggs were found in nest
144 eggs were hatched
4 eggs were unhatched,  all died in early development
1 egg was pipped but hatchling died before emerging.  This hatchling was taken for the DNA Study.

96.6% Hatchling Success Rate!!

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