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Friday, August 12, 2011

Nest #21!!!-Wild Nest

On June 23, while walking Segment C in Crescent Beach,  Lori reported a crawl, coming up all the way into the dunes.  A big depression was found in the middle of the soft sand on the dunes.....body pit?  The dunes and surrounding areas were probed and probed, 

No egg cavity found.  False crawl #6 was reported.

49 days later, Linda got a call, "I've found a hatchling on the beach."  She went to investigate and found the beach covered with hatchling tracks.  Review of the records and she was able to find the nest.  Not in the dunes as was expected but at the base,  just below a sand dune fence pole.  

Vegetation had grown around the nest, hiding the hole.

But close examination showed a few hatchlings tracks emerging from the hole, although most had been erased by foot prints.

Although the beach activity had covered most tracks, enough could still be seen on the beach to suspect a major emergence.

To make things more exciting, a hatching was just starting to emerge.  It was around 6PM,  so the hatchling was released on the beach

Alicia, a 5th grade teacher from Penn. was curious when she saw Rob and Linda marking off this nest.
She and her family arrived just in time to see "Squirmy" emerging from the nest.  This hatchling was very active and was eager to start it's trek to the water.  It's little flippers were constantly moving.  Rob and Linda let the children briefly hold the hatchling.  Rochelle was first, she had quickly named the hatchling Squirmy!

Then, with Rob's help, 4 year old
  Conlan,  was able to touch the hatchling.

Then Sarah was able to carry the hatchling closer to the ocean.  Her mother told me later, "Sarah my oldest was amazed at how the turtle took to the water."  Squirmy did take to the water, started swimming immediately. All were able to see him take off, diving under the waves, heading out on his long journey.

This nest evaded us but emerged successfully.  Thanks to all who were involved in this nest, from the initial finding of the crawl to those who took the time and interest to call and to those who came up to me when I was searching the beach.  And a  special thanks to Alicia and her family.  We love it when kids are fascinated by the Sea Turtles and want to learn about them. 

Nest #21!!!   Recorded as a "Wild Nest"   Emerged on day 49!!

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