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Thursday, August 11, 2011

NEST #20!!!

False crawl on Tuesday, Windy Hill near the swash, False crawl on Wednesday, Main Street, False crawl on Thursday, Atlantic Beach and then a.......

Donna first came across the false crawl in Atlantic Beach, a crawl up above the high tide line, but then a U-turn right back to the ocean.  As she was continuing her walk,  NMB Sanitation stop to tell of another crawl and possible nest just ahead in Windy Hill.

Rob probed and found the egg chamber.  Donna dug and

found THE EGGS!!!

Nest was laid just below the dunes so was left in situ.

One egg take for the DNA Study.

Egg cavity is covered up, nest is official.

Thank you Donna!!  What a great morning. 

 Nest #20 

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