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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Inventory of Nest #5-9th Ave S

Nest #5 at 9th Ave South was called in by Wednesday Segment C Walkers,  Peggy, Allison and Terry on June 8th.

They had been alerted of the crawl and possible nest by NMB City Worker, Buddy.

The eggs were quickly found.  Even though the nest was high on the beach well above the HTL, it was located right in the path of an emergency beach access.  The decision was quickly made to relocate the nest..115 eggs, less one for DNA.

Fast forward 57 days, nest is getting ready to emerge.  Noise is being picked up by the NMB listening device.
Someone left this sculpture by the water line in front of the nest in anticiapation of the nest emerging.

Hatchlings emerged around 11:30PM on August 4.  Weather was stormy, high tide, water high up the beach.  The hatchlings reached the ocean in record time.

Inventory was held on Monday, August 8.  

Peggy and Rachelle dug up the eggs...

and were surprised with 4 live hatchlings!!

An extra bonus, a bird's egg was found under Rob's knee where he was kneeling to help count the eggs.
Unfortunately, the egg was cracked and no longer viable.

After all egg shells where counted, the hatchlings were released on the beach to begin their crawl to the ocean.

They were all strong and ran right to the water.  Good luck, little guys!!

Thanks to the Segment C walkers who reported this nest. Thanks to all the night sitters and a special thanks to nest leader's John and Betty.  Every nest is a group effort.

Inventory Results:

Nest laid on June 8th.  The nesting female was observed on shore around 12AM

Hatchlings emerged around 11:30PM on August 4,  Day 57

Inventory on August 8

115 eggs laid
1 egg taken for DNA Study
109 hatched shells
5 unhatched eggs, died early development
4 live hatchlings found in nest, released on beach

95.6% Hatchling success rate

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