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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

False Crawl #17

A nesting Loggerhead was reported on the Windy Hill Section of NMB around 5:30 AM.

A quick trip down to the beach, sure enough, tracks coming out from the ocean, very close to the swash that separates the Briarcliffe Beach form Windy Hill.  This turtle came up above the HTL but made a quick U-turn and returned to the ocean.

As she returned to the water, she crawled back to her incoming track,  merging with it to form one wide crawl.  Was she scared away, just testing the beach or just not ready to lay?  Will she be back somewhere early tomorrow morning?  

It is getting late in the nesting season.

Thank you Ann Mayls Wilson from the Myrtle Beach State Park for calling the NMBSTP.

NMB False Crawl #17.

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