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Friday, June 17, 2011

NEST #7!!!

NMB Dispatched called around 9:30PM, "Turtle on the Beach.  We're sending an officer to investigate."
The location given was different from the nesting turtle report less than an hour earlier, so it was obvious two nesting turtles had come ashore within an hour of each other.  Police Officers from NMB stayed with the turtle as she nested, a crowd had gathered to watch.  The body pit was roped off to alert early morning beach traffic.

Outgoing crawl with the distinctive V.

Body Pit, wind was blowing strong all night long

Rob probed and quickly found the egg cavity.  New volunteer, Melanie was shown how to carefully dig and locate those precious eggs.

The turtle chose a very dark, quiet, section of the beach.   The nest was located up near the dunes so no need to relocate.

Thanks to the NMB Police Department for helping last night.  Thanks to all the on-lookers who let this mother lay her eggs.  Thanks to Beach Services for helping transport our supplies.  Thanks to our volunteers for helping this morning.  And a special thanks to Teressa and Ginny for helping with both nests.  It was a long morning, but so rewarding.

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