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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

False Crawl #2

Segment C walkers came upon a long, confused crawl this morning between 16th and 17th Ave S in Crescent Beach.  To make things harder, Sanitation had already started raking so part of the crawl was already covered up.  This was a small turtle, possibly the same turtle who came ashore on the Windy Hill Beach on Monday.  The sand was very hard and and packed down.  

The shallow body pit was probed and probed, but no evidence of a egg cavity was found.  Rob declared it a false crawl.  Will this turtle be back in the Morning?

Thank you Terry, Peggy and Allison for being alert and finding the crawl.  With all the beach activity, this was not an easy crawl to see.  Thank you Allison for the pictures.

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