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Monday, May 30, 2011

False Crawl #1

This morning, new volunteer, Cindy, came upon a crawl around 44th Ave South in Windy Hill.  The bottom portion of by the incoming and outgoing section of the crawl was very visible, but the upper sections had already disappeared from the early morning beach activity.

The track pictured below shows a great example of the V created by the turtle's claw.

View of outgoing track, again upper section has already disappeared.

Incoming track, upper portion leading into nesting area has disappeared.

Body pit.  No incoming or outgoing tracks visible,  beach raking was right up to the nesting area.

Mud balls removed from nesting area while probing.

The beach had been raked by Sanitation, right up to the body pit so no tracks were visible around the nesting area.  We probed and probed, removed sand and probed again.  The sand was very hard. As he probed, Rob was removing hard mud balls, rocks and shells.  Because of this, we decided this area was  probably to hard for the turtle to dig a proper egg chamber so she abandon this area without laying any eggs.   False crawl #1.

Thank you Cindy for being alert and finding this crawl.  It was a tough one.

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