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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Giant holes on the beach.  Holes left in the sand overnight are extremely dangerous to nesting sea turtles.  North Myrtle Beach seems to have an abundance of large deep holes this year.

While it is fun to dig in the sand, these holes can be very dangerous to children and adults, especially those walking the beach after dark.  Please fill in all holes when you leave the beach!!

Sand castles are fun to build as well.  But again, leaving a castle with a wide and deep moat around it, spells danger to a nesting sea turtle.

Both the deep hole and sand castle were discovered by Barbara and Bill as they walked Segment D this morning.  Thanks for sharing.

I also saw a huge hole this morning as I walked Segment A in Cherry Grove.  Both the pictured hole and the one I saw were above the high tide line so will be there for days.  Linda

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